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Holy Innocents Stained Glass Window Appeal

24 February 2020

06D7B2DC CE98 49D0 9900 B1A0403A3461 4 5005 cThree of the windows in our 13th-century, Grade I listed Parish Church of the Holy Innocents urgently need attention. The West Window, over the Vestry, needs immediate repair or we risk having the damage and the costs increase dramatically.

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Rev’d Manette’s Letter

15 February 2020

84A0A23F 0F3C 4E2D A26A 1337C50F3AE8 4 5005 c2As I write this, our country is being battered by storm Ciara. Many areas were left without power and water supplies, and we are receiving yellow and amber weather warnings.  Parts of Yorkshire are submerged by floodwater and our thoughts go out to those whose houses and businesses are affected, in many cases not for the first time. Snow and ice have arrived in Northern England, Scotland and Devon, and coastal areas are experiencing tidal waves. Several people have lost their lives in these extreme weather conditions. Now we are bracing ourselves for more as storm Dennis is set to hit the UK at the weekend with more rain and strong gusts of wind. On top of this, many of us are still battling the colds, coughs and viruses that are doing the rounds, and we share our concern about the Corona virus with the rest of the world.

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Thank You

15 February 2020

5C9096C4 DA65 4DD1 99F3 627936C508F6 4 5005 cNewsletter Thank You.

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Editor Required

15 February 2020

2E10CAA4 9E48 4DF6 8A21 698D4ADE2695 4 5005 c3Thurston Parish Newsletter

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Your Old Stamps can Help

12 January 2020

236CD1D2 0730 46C7 AE72 CB9EC4F80077 4 5005 cYour stamps can help fund RNIB.  Used postage stamps are always welcome by the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Your stamps will be recycled to provide funds which will help RNIB to break down barriers that still exist in society for people living with sight loss. There is a "post box “ in the porch at Holy Innocents church. Thank you.

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Atrial Fibrillation

10 January 2020

FEA1B13F 95F7 432C A5A0 E213E409E447 4 5005 cAtrial Fibrillation 

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St Peter's Church Draw Club

8 January 2020

St Peter’s Church ThurstonST. PETER’S CHURCH DRAW CLUB


6 January 2020

1E5687D1 F7A9 4B7B 8D43 76814AD95E0F 4 5005 cSupport your ‘Tommy’ To all members of the parish

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Parish Giving Scheme

18 August 2019

0D556067 645A 48A1 8008 98180453B4D9 4 5005 cOn behalf of the Parochial Church Council we would like to inform you of a new initiative, which will allow you to support your local church. Most people at some point in their lives look to the church for guidance and comfort.

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