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Mothers Union June 2024

Tue, Jun. 11, 2024 2:30pm


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Gt. Barton and Thurston Mother's Union,  Meeting of 14 May 2024, 2:30 at The Institute:

We began the meeting with "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" sung in a round.  Some of us had never done the hymn in a round, and were a bit dubious, but it worked, and it was fun.

We then followed the MU Prayer Diary guide, for a meeting with prayers for peace in the world, for ourselves, and for Mothers and families everywhere.  Kathy Drakes read a poem about prayer being like "....watching for a Kingfisher...."  Linda talked about knowing that prayer really works.  Gill read from the Christian Aid booklet about Aline, who has been given help to start a business in Africa, so she can provide for her family, and how that help was the result of her prayers.

Sheila told us about the "Bags of Love" that Jill Rood used to fill and deliver to those who are ill, troubled, or just need a little cheer.  Several of us took bags to fill, and Sheila will deliver then as needed.

Claire Thomas had come from Ipswich with the Diocesan MU Enterprises Stall: cards and books, crosses, pins, pens, stationery and lots more for browsing and buying.  She spoke to us briefly about her work for the Mother's Union.

We were due to have a speaker, who had to cancel, but Claire's friend, Penny, who often travels with Claire to help with the Stall, offered to speak to us about  Autism.  She began by saying that she was not a Public Speaker, then kept us mesmerized with her descriptions of the many aspects of Autism.  I estimate that she spoke for 15-20 minutes, but I never thought to check the time.  We learned a great deal, had many of our preconceptions shot down, and were amazed to hear the percentage of people who have a form of autism, how many there are who never even know they are on the spectrum, and how hard it is to get help and advice when it is diagnosed.  She was pleased to answer our many questions, and listened to the stories of those present who had Autism in their family.  We agreed that Penny was one of the best speakers we ever had at our meetings.

Our next meeting is 11 June, at the Rock, at 2:30.  We will have a short business meeting, so please bring ideas for speakers for next year.  Daloni Peel will talk to us about John Betjeman's Church Poems. 


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